Most of our readers will agree that this is much more than just a slogan or profound philosophical idea.

Three unique historical facts irreconcilably set the culture of the kingdom of God (the Church) apart from everything else in our world today:

(1) The eternal God was incarnated in real flesh and blood.

(2) Christ experienced a real flesh and blood resurrection back from the dead to life.

(3) He is coming again, bringing a real, but new, heaven and earth with Him.

The significance of these three distinctives:

(1) God is here among us, now, not intrinsically as Eastern mysticism or Greek philosophy hold–there is nothing sacred or magical in creation.

(2) This gives humans a real hope and future, not just wishful thinking or utopianism.

(3) Our future will be here and physical, not some kind of disembodied spiritual existence or disappearance into God.

It is not surprising, then, that the world resists God and His work:

(1) The first one got Jesus killed.

(2) The second one got Paul jeered at in Athens.

(3) The third one the present world system also violently resists and will try to destroy you and us, the advance team, the Church (Revelation).

What do you infer from this? Our take is that we, too, will continue to meet with resistance as we attempt to be lights and witnesses in our community. Times may get tougher for believers.

But, as Paul reasoned in 1 Corinthians 15, if these happened, if they are true, we have Hope. God promises to work in and through us to make these distinctives clearer. Let us together worship and hear God’s Word, live in the power of the Spirit, and raise our children to follow Christ, trusting His genuine biblical message to effect personal conversion and stubbornly resist all evil efforts to prevail over the Church, to His glory!

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Dan Porter, living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Married to Bonnie, an artist. We have three grown sons, all married to wonderful women, and in turn have eight children.
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