D'09A long time ago a wise man surveyed the ruins of his society and asked: “If the pillars are destroyed, what have the righteous done (or what do they do)?”

In the first century, the pillars of the Church were considered to be the Apostles (human leadership) and the Word of God. I am concerned with rebuilding the pillars of the Church to be a light in this world. One of the main reasons our pillars are crumbling is because the Word of God has become mixed with Greek, Roman and other pagan ideas which have infiltrated the Church.

We the people of God are all down in and covered with the mud of human religious ideas. Some people like Nancy Pearcey, Peter Jones, Michael Horton, etc. have stood up with mud dripping off of them to tell us their awareness of the mud and a glimpse of the truth of Scripture. The intent of this blog is that we need to “pool” these isolated awarenesses for the benefit of the whole Church. That is, each of these has a few “pieces of the puzzle,” but we are trying to piece together 5,000 pieces of reality. As we work together, as each piece is placed, we will begin to see the real reality emerge.

This blog is a resource for Christian leaders and others who want to make a difference in the world. I began this blog at the same time I began a PhD program. I wrote my dissertation on how Scripture diagnoses worldview assumptions. This blog is an application of what I learned and continue to learn.  I attempt to look at the assumptions swirling around us and diagnose them from Scripture. I am placing this piece in the puzzle. Let me know how you think it is going, and join with me in rebuilding the pillars.

Author: Dan Porter, living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Married to Bonnie, an artist and art teacher. We have three grown sons, all married to wonderful, godly women, and in turn they have eight grand-children.

btw for those who are concerned about such things, I spend hours every week in the original biblical languages and interacting with biblical scholars and its reception history (history of literature and ideas stemming from the Bible). I have read through the Bible at least 40 times. Also, my wife and I lived in Europe for 20+ years attempting to engage people there with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are hard at work to resource church leaders. Please join us!

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