Why Did Jesus Come?

How could he not? God does not start something and not finish it.  

God made us humans in his image and likeness (Gen 1).  Moses informs us later in Gen 3, however, that we are not like God in two important ways: we did not know or differentiate good and evil, and we did not live forever.

Those two differences signal the absolute distinction between God the Creator and his creation, the universe and especially humans, the highest of his creation according to David in Psalms 8.

Some even posit that this distinction is so absolute that had God not revealed himself, we might assume that there was no God, that we were orphans, all alone, a law unto ourselves.  In any case, the distinction means that we are not part of God and he not part of us.  And we can never make it otherwise.

Instead, God left traces of who he is in every part of the universe (Psa 19 and Rom 1).  He further revealed himself to humans in many ways over hundreds of years and prompted people to record these actual occurrences (Scripture).  Ultimately, he revealed exactly who he is in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ (Heb 1), who was born around 2,000 years ago.

Why did he come?  What is that all about?  Because, he loves us and wants us to be with him, to be our God and father, and for us to be his beloved children, as he always intended.

He came to fix those two important ways in which we are not like him.  He came to bear in his death on the cross the consequences of our coming to know and choose evil over good, and to give us eternal life which we could never have on any other terms.

Aren’t you glad he came?  We are!

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Dan Porter, living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Married to Bonnie, an artist. We have three grown sons, all married to wonderful women, and in turn have eight children.
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