Do we suppose that God controls the universe and us similarly to the ways humans suppose or attempt control?  Is our understanding of control, or of God, or of both, possibly suspect?

Give me your opinion of this trial explanation:

Let none say, when he/she feels controlled, that God is controlling him/her.  God is uncontrollable by humans, nor does he control the universe or humans as we suppose or attempt.  Rather, humans, projecting on to God that kind of absolute (essential and determinative complete robotic) control that squelches all personal freedom, rightly resist.

In so doing, we tend to give in to the temptation to try to establish our own personal freedom without restraint from our god-projection or any other humanly contrived control by erecting an artificially autonomous kingdom within and around our self.  This kind of artificial and contrived freedom results in orphaning and estrangement from other humans and God, and carried to its conclusion, finally ends in abandonment and death.

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Dan Porter, living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Married to Bonnie, an artist. We have three grown sons, all married to wonderful women, and in turn have eight children.
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