Conventional Wisdom

We Americans hold these truths (of conventional wisdom) to be self-evident:

  1. We are the highest life form: Human beings are groups of atoms brought together by chance with enough complexity to operate as the highest life form.

2. An optional Spiritual Force is available for our use: Even though it cannot be proven, most of us believe that we have souls, and that there is some kind of God or religious force from which we can draw aid to solve our problems.

3. Happiness is our most important pursuit: When faced with a problem or obstacle, we rely on our personal ‘toolbox’ of solutions. If one solution does not seem to work, we try another until we find one that works.

4. Liberty means freedom: Liberty means the freedom for everyone to choose to do whatever they want when they want. Personal choice is so important it is worth toppling any autocrat or oppressive system of thought that stands in the way and to consume whatever resources are required.

5. Democracy means the Common good: Our society operates on the premise of the common good and beyond that no laws are universally binding, only personal preferences. Life is really about relationships, and most of us will likely discuss our problems and possible solutions with friends before choosing which to use.

6. Progress is inexorable: We have complete faith in human ingenuity, science and technology to solve all problems, given enough time.

7. Limited resources stymie our progress and freedom: Our system of constitutional law and government generally stands us in good stead, although other people’s consumption is, at the same time, fast depleting our world of its limited resources, and the many interest groups and lifestyle choices have brought us nearly to stalemate.

About dbporter

Dan Porter, living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Married to Bonnie, an artist. We have three grown sons, all married to wonderful women, and in turn have eight children.
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