"Christian" World Views

We hear a lot today about “Christian world view.” There seem to be almost as many “Christian world views” as there are people talking about them.   This would be a good thing if only those people were saying: “This is how I view the world as a result of my understanding of Scripture.” Apart from the Bible itself, it is not humanly possible to have just one Christian world view because we ARE human, finite, limited.

That said, as a result of my research thus far, I have identified three primary biblical distinctives of the culture of God’s Kingdom that irreconcilably set it apart from the prevailing “secular humanistic” culture: (1) the eternal God was incarnated in real flesh and blood; (2) Jesus’ was a real flesh and blood resurrection back from the dead to life; (3) He is coming back and bringing a real, but new, heaven and earth.

The significance of these three distinctives sometimes seems lost on the Church, and therefore on the world. The first one means that God is actually here among us, now, but not intrinsically as in metaphysical dualism (meaning, there is nothing sacred or magical in creation). The second one means that we have real hope and an assured future, not simply wishful thinking or utopianism. The third one means that our future is here on earth and physical in nature, rather than some kind of disembodied spiritual existence or disappearance into God.

The first one got Jesus killed. The second one got Paul jeered at at the Areopagus. And our present world system is still violently resisting the third one and trying to suffocate the “advance team,” the Church (John’s Revelation). Nevertheless, it is this genuine biblical message, God’s culture, which Jesus planted (Luke 4:14-30). It still effects personal conversion and stubbornly resists all evil efforts to prevail over the Church.

We are calling people to join us in learning well God’s way, the culture of His Church, while keeping one foot in our human culture in order to engage those around us with the authentic Person of Christ.

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Dan Porter, living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Married to Bonnie, an artist. We have three grown sons, all married to wonderful women, and in turn have eight children.
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